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How to scale your impact?

Engage supporters & build collaborative partnerships using tools that showcase your organization's mission and goals. Our approach at C.O.R. Consulting is focused on the process of collaboration and the methods of ensuring sustainability.

Expand your impact today!
Learn about our 3 step approach. 

Preparation &
Strategy Development 

  • Assessment/Analysis: A comprehensive evaluation of your current financial status & requirements.  A deep understanding of your organization's mission, target audience, and the specific programs or projects that necessitate funding.
  • Fundraising Strategy: A detailed fundraising plan that outlines your fundraising goals, target donors, and the methods you'll use to raise funds. Your plan should include a budget, a timeline, and specific fundraising strategies (e.g., events, campaigns, grants).

Create Diverse Fundraising Methods

  • Grant Writing & Research: Assistance in identifying, applying for, and securing grants from various foundations, government agencies, and other grant-making organizations.
  • Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorships: Crafting partnerships with businesses, attracting corporate sponsors for events, and creating mutually beneficial relationships with corporate entities.
  • Financial Sustainability Planning: Developing long-term financial sustainability plans for the organization to ensure stability and growth.

Evaluation & Stewardship Training

  • Data Analytics for Fundraising: Providing training on using data analytics to track and report on fundraising and donor engagement metrics, including predictive analytics for donor segmentation.
  • Donor Engagement Plans: Strategies for year-round donor engagement, including creating one-pagers updates, and opportunities for involvement.
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