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Team Meeting


Welcome to C.O.R. Consulting! Our journey began with a profound recognition of the pressing need for minority leaders to instigate positive transformation in their communities. However, we observed a copious absence of crucial resources, networks, and funding. At C.O.R. Consulting, our mission centers around addressing these issues in a down-to-earth manner.


We specialize in grant writing & research services, helping you secure the funding partner needed to bring your ideas to life. Whether it's harnessing the power of data analytics to drive informed decisions, optimizing your fundraising events with cutting-edge tools, or creating compelling pitch decks that align with corporate partners, we offer a fresh perspective & innovative strategies.  


Our mission is to support individuals and organizations with tools to inspire, educate, and scale impact in their communities.


Our core values are to promote

 Inclusivity, Empowerment,

& Economic Equity.  


" I believe in educating and sharing different cultural experiences. A global community creates diverse innovative ideas for the future."

- Ayanna DaCosta

Founder & CEO

Meet Our Team


Founder & CEO

Ayanna DaCosta

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Senior Advisor 

Cecilia Diaz



Sarah Poeppel


Sabrina Abboud

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